Meet The Collective NYC

Marketing is a collaborative effort requires inputs from many specialties and diverse perspectives.

  • We are 26 strong, specializing in design, brand, content, performance marketing, storytelling, tech, & legal... we cover all bases.

  • We can help you with all aspects of marketing from tactical execution to solving problems you might not even know you have.

  • We meet often and have a vibrant community where we are actively discussing and refining our craft together.

  • We are committed to creating meaningful, sustained relationships with our team and our customers.

  • We are taking advantage of new technology and ways of working to deliver without expensive infrastructure and high costs.

When you work with us, there's no overhead, politics, bias, or B.S. 

Meet The Team 


Executive Team

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Jay Mandel, Founder

Brand and Digital Marketing Expert. A strategist, leader, and internal evangelist, with diverse experience in top corporations in financial services, technology, & energy industries.

Le Morejon

Leo Morejon, VP

Leo Morejon is a successful marketing leader (Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet, Guinness World Record (Facebook Likes), and educator (Iowa State University, West Virginia University), known for pioneering in real-time marketing, hosting a popular business podcast, and leading large teams.



Jonathan Ashton

Turns data into measurable creativity
Produces game-changing audience insights.

Founder of Ringer, provides CMOs and senior marketers with deeply experienced, cross-discipline expertise to help brands grow faster at a lower cost.


Jocelyn Greenky

Global Business Climate Expert: Culture, Diversity, Generational, Politics, Operations; Author; Professor

Founder of Sider Road Media, Creating Environments for Success: Climate, events, design and Marketing.


MarK Greene

Writer on culture, relational intelligence, technology and disruptive innovation.

Writer for the Economist Group, Founder of ThinkPlay Partners.


Marlyne Pierce

Product and Customer Experience Lead , Innovation Consultant

Founder of ModernMogul, dedicated to modern leaders and high achievers ready to transcend old limitations and create scalable businesses through products that humans love, buy and rave about so they can serve millions.


Don Bates

PR Agency M&A Consultant/PR Professor

Practicing for more than 40 years. Has expertise across corporations, consultancies and nonprofits. Things I know and do best: strategic PR planning, public relations management, B2B marketing and sales promotion, PR training, and PR agency management and M&A.


Jennifer Swartley

Independent Marketing Consultant

Working with startups and mission-based companies to develop and grow their brands. Specializing in digital media, content creation, influencer relationships and field marketing.


Flor Estevez

Global Communications Specialist

A strategic thinker, problem solver, optimist, great team member, out of the box thinker and hands-on doer.