Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, a time to pause.

About a year ago, I paused and then started a journey to redefine, reimagine and recreate at age 40, the life I had been living and the goals I had been pursuing. I had to step out of my comfort zone.

Today, The Collective NYC has 26 members representing all disciplines of Marketing and Communications. Our team covers a broad spectrum of client-side & agency experience.

Every day, The Collective NYC is helping people like you to focus on what matters and escape the whirlwind of activity that often leads nowhere fast.

We are creating real points of differentiation for our clients based on personal stories and dreams. We connect your passions with your business.

I invite you to pause with me this Thanksgiving. Think about what you want 2019 to be about. As you think, we are here to help - let's talk and come up a game plan that allows you to leverage your strengths, embrace your weaknesses, assert your differences and pursue your passions.