Meet Saleha

Saleha Amin was on my team at Mastercard. Though smart and ambitious, she never quite found her footing in Corporate America and returned back to her homeland, Pakistan to focus on her family and future.

She was in the mountains on a nature trip, she gave her friend a haircut. She had no training. Until this time, while there were some feelings about cutting hair in the back of her mind, she never had the realization that she could act on them.

Two weeks before her 30th Birthday, she decided to shave her head. It was a childhood dream and desire, but Saleha never took her own desire seriously. Based on where she was in her life -- the timing was right. She felt at peace, and she finally was able to own her future path. When she shaved her head, she received several offers for modeling opportunities.

She is currently modeling for one of the brands and only models based on the condition that she will not wear makeup and her photos will not be modified in any way. Today she is building a following in hair styling and pursuing a degree in Psychotherapy. She hopes to combine her talents to convey her passion and help others be who they are and whom they are meant to be.