Why most content fails to inspire!

Creating authentic content is about being authentic, if you don’t believe in what you are creating, you will not inspire and when you are not motivated, how will you encourage anyone else?

We call a brand or a person authentic when they’re consistent, when they act the same way whether or not someone is looking. Someone is authentic when their actions are in alignment with what they promise.

Seth Godin

As a corporate marketer for many years, my job was to set process, guidelines, and frameworks to inspire teams around the world to create meaningful content that connects with the audience. My teams worked hard at this and created amazing award-winning campaigns, but at times it was difficult to break through. We had the best tools and technology, smart people, and paid millions of dollars to the best agencies with top creative directors, the best writers, and artists. But all this didn’t always translate to content that connected with people and propelled them to action. 

When I ventured outside Corporate America to start my firm, The Collective NYC, it was critical for me to stand for something. I spent years thinking about who I am and how to synthesize my personal and professional life. Candor, Curiosity, Collaboration are my values, and they are the values that I founded my company.

In building up the Instagram account for The Collective NYC, I chose to make it personal and share experience that inspired me from my vacation. My vacation represented the end of one phase of my life and the beginning of another. It was an opportunity to connect themes that would demonstrate business insight, expertise and the core values of The Collective NYC in an exciting way. 

While I was on vacation, it was relatively effortless for me to create content. I didn’t use any scheduling technology, but made sure to have several pieces of content published in time for my US friends and network to see when they woke up — I was 12 hours ahead. I did use metrics and analytics to understand what worked and what didn’t and also made sure to spend a lot of time not just posting but actively engaging with people online. I saw it, it inspired me, I took a photo and I posted it-- but not immediately always - I researched content and deliberated on the most thoughtful message. Please note, this often took time and research-- It wasn't usually on a whim.

The best engagement on posts was when I made a concerted effort to seek out and comment on others content, especially with people who share common interests. Instagram expert, Tyler McCall suggests the following.

Engage More Than You Post "Grow your following by spending as much time as possible engaging on Instagram by liking and commenting on people’s posts and watching and responding to their Instagram Stories.

Tyler McCall, Instagram Expert

Genuine creation and engagement with likeminded fans and friends, is a lot different than having a team who hires an agency who relegates content creation to a junior community manager who doesn’t necessarily have the insights and inspiration to create content and then uses paid media to amass a bunch of people who you will never hear from again.

The key to success is simple - Own it, understand your audience, care, and create... and then put some rigor in place to measure, replicate and deliver consistently, and that's all you need. If The Collective NYC can do anything to help, please message me.