Do you like what you do? You really should!

Kids often get told by their parents and teachers that they shouldn't imitate what other kids are doing. Parents often encourage their kids to"Be yourself!" And then many kids grow up and find jobs exactly the kind their friends or peers may be in. Ironic?

A lot of us do not take the path less taken and move along the well-established, reliable job. Why? Because that is how we've been hardwired to "check the box" and that is how people like to see us. We want to fit in, we want to be perceived as successful.

Holding on. Is very hard to do when love is gone. And that's no lie. - Jeffrey Osborne

It is very easy to convince yourself to take a role based on what I call, "superficial criteria." We all do it!

  • It's a good company

  • I will be paid more

  • I will get additional responsibility

  • The hours will be good

  • The commute will be quick

  • It will make my parents proud

But the key to happiness in work, at least for me, is at the intersection of your personal passion, your skills and respect.

When you think about your next job, do everything in your power to get an offer, then ask through the process of asking yourself tough questions:

  • Will the environment allow me to pursue something I am passionate about?

  • Do I respect the people I will be working with?

  • Will they respect me, not only as an an employee, but an individual?

  • Will they have my back?

  • Will they coach me?

  • Do they seem interested in learning and growing with me?

  • Would I want to hang out with them outside work?

If the answer is no to ANY of these questions and you feel an obligation to be true to your potential, your days in this job will be limited. If the work doesn't create a sense of excitement in you, if it doesn't call you the next day but you need to return to it, then probably that work is not for you.

"I get you're unhappy, I know you gotta be. Cause it can drive you out your mind. There ain't no sense in cryin', it's time for you to leave. Baby, that's the bottom line." --Jeffrey Osborne

There are plenty of unique career options eager to embrace you and your talent. Even if that means working for 8 hours in front of your desk from 9 to 5 and returning home to spending some me-time. If doing some work means giving your hobby the time that it deserves, then the job that you're doing is your calling. 

And what about all the people who will be inspired by your being able to follow your passion and attaining happiness in what you do? Doesn't that warm you up? It should.

I betcha lie awake nights and never rest a bit,And wish it all would disappear. But still the bottom line is you got to deal with it. And to yourself at least be fair. -- Jeffery Osborne

Following your heart in the work that you do will make sure that you're able to give your best at the workplace as well as at your home. Be your own guiding light and do what makes you happy and prosperous!