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Meet Jenny Mendez

Sometimes it takes Jenny Mendez a full week to create the perfect Vinyasa class. She researches songs, tempo, and beat and then perfectly intertwines stretches around a theme like "opening your heart" for Valentine's day.

In class, she puts her heart & soul into ensuring every student is comfortable by supporting postures, providing modifications, and with encouraging words. “The hardest part is over; you made it to the hot room.” Movement has always been a part of Jenny's life. She studied dance in college which prepared her to join a dance company and tour the world. She retired at the top of her game.

After a few desk jobs, Jenny quickly realized that she was missing the feeling of belonging, connection, purpose, and the movement from her dancing days. About a year ago, she left her desk job to become a yoga instructor.

"When I am, teaching I have a direct impact on people's lives -- It makes me feel good, especially when students evolve and start to connect the movement and meditation to their live's outside the yoga studio. “The pose begins when you want to leave the room.”

Jenny has chosen to surround herself with people that inspire her and are open to growing with her. "There is only so much time in life & every moment is precious."