What is The Collective NYC?

The Collective NYC is a community of proven, specialized consultants, seasoned corporate executives, and veterans of the best agencies in the world. We span almost every industry.

Our specialty is brand building, marketing optimization, product/category innovation, & communications.

Our core offering is working with a client to create an idea which will help solve a commercial or cultural challenge. Or rapidly communicate something new, capturing imaginations and stimulating engagement, sales or something sensational.

Who is the ideal Collective NYC Client?

We partner with ambitious leaders to design radically better businesses. We tend to work with companies that are at a point of inflection. Whether you are venturing into new areas,  sharpening your presence, or deepening audience relationships, we energize people, teams, and organizations around a common theme or idea.

How does the Collective NYC work?

Cookie cutter is not an option for us. With that said, we still follow a methodical process.  Once we understand your goals, we create a brief and allow the collective community to respond. It is amazing what happens next. The team surfaces niche knowledge and positions why they are best suited for the project. We select one to three executives, usually a strategist and an account manager and a specialist. Your account team partners with you to fully understand your business drivers and what is required to push your business forward.  

What does the Collective NYC deliver ?

Measurable, Tangible Results!

Sales, awareness, engagement or a combination.  Together we lay out a methodical strategy and roadmap. Then, your core team will introduce members of The Collective NYC to complete specialized work products like creative campaigns, media relations, events, CRM, we cover all marketing and communications.

Why is The Collective NYC better than an agency or traditional consultant?

We are the most effective and efficient model for customers who know their needs, don't have the skill set internally, and don’t want to pay the overhead in agency fees.

We are not looking to replace internal employees or agencies, we are looking to play to our strengths, enhance value, and then provide whatever level of completion called for including handing the work off to an agency, internal employee, offshore team.