Nourishing Passion Through Core Values

From Collective Member, Pedro Manrique of DSP Partners

Courage doesn't mean we are never scared; courage is being willing to take action despite our fear. Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization.

Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide.

Core values are what support the vision of your company and help shape its culture. They are the essence of the company's identity – their principles, beliefs and philosophies.

Many companies focus mostly on the technical competencies but often forget the underlying competencies that make their company run smoothly. Most concede the power of core values in business. But it's difficult to accurately create or accept core values for your company if your own personal core values are unclear.

Many claim to understand their own values, but I maintain you don’t really know them until you have articulated them clearly in writing and tested them through daily decision-making

Follow this process to define your personal core values and to make a plan for the future that you can believe in and achieve.

Identify your core values, nourish your passion in the process.

  • Our passion is nourished in part through our core values, internal beliefs that give meaning to what we do.

  • Identify your core values, nourish your passion in the process.

  • Our interests as people evolve, whereas our core values are steadfast and guide us over time.

  • People have taken on and passed on opportunities because of core values.

  • Realistically, you’ll deplete your passion over time if what you do is not built from your core values.

What are 3 to 5 core values that resonate with you, guide and give meaning to what you do?

Example: Collaboration, courage, empowerment, integrity, and selflessness.


Deferred Compensation and Authentic Selflessness

Take inventory of opportunities for volunteerism that aligns with our core values and interests.

  • Volunteerism can be considered deferred compensation. The “compensation” comes in experience, networking, and interconnected opportunities that support your outcomes.

  • Volunteerism nourishes our spirit, it is fulfilling to help your community and people in the process.

  • Be authentic with your selflessness, think about what that means to you and how it aligns with your core values.

  • Be nimble and prepared to pivot, embrace undercurrents of opportunities, you might get called out of the blue to

  • be a part of something unique and fulfilling.

  • Be strategic with your effort, be patient and practical, align volunteerism with outcomes that take place over time.


Prioritizing Outcomes and Pragmatic Happines

• Prioritize your desired outcomes, align them over time. Focus on outcomes and not on granular date when they occur in your life.

• Build from your core values, stitch them together, to provide happiness for you in the process.

• Be pragmatic with what provides happiness, you shall need to pay your groceries and bills in the process.

• Learn from others and compete with yourself.

• Take ownership for what you have set out to complete, pace yourself, and stick the finish.

What are 3 to 5 prioritized outcomes you want to accomplish within 2 to 5 years?


1) Selflessness: Volunteer with leadership group to mentor and learn from others within next 3 months, extend as warranted.

2) Collaboration: Travel to Asia, blend career goals while exploring culture, native people, and delicious food within 1 year.

3) Self-improvement: Complete graduate degree and start writing book within 2 years.

4) Courage: Expand world view, take on international work assignments that require living in host country within 3 years.

5) Empowerment: Mentor people, empower them to reach their potential, gently build legacy throughout 5 years.

6) Finish writing book, integrating cumulative experiences to enhance value for readers, within 5 years.

Where will you and your business be a year from now?

It is essential to define what you stand for, who your audience is and your unique selling proposition before you engage with customers.

We tend to work with companies that are at a point of inflection. Whether you are venturing into new areas, sharpening your presence, or deepening audience relationships, we energize people, teams, and organizations around a common theme or idea.

Every day we are helping people like you to focus on what matters and escape the whirlwind of activity that often leads nowhere fast.

Let's work together to create real points of differentiation for you and your business that build from your personal stories and dreams and connects with prospects and customers. 

Let's come up a game plan that allows you to leverage your strengths, embrace your weaknesses, assert your differences and pursue your passions.

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